Most American families have cherished memories stored on 8mm film and these memories usually end up buried in a closet, but when a conversion of 8mm is made to DVD, these family memories can come back to life and future generations can enjoy them. If you have a collection of 8mm movies, and are unsure as to what to do with them, considering converting 8mm to DVD and allow Just 8mm to be the company of choice, which will guarantee that the job will be done right. Just 8mm started converting 8mm to DVD in 2002 and over the last seven years, Just 8mm has successfully converted 18 million feet of 8mm and Super8 film to DVD and since we are passionate about our work and since we continually go the extra mile to make certain that the project of transferring 8mm to DVD is done correctly we have earned six Gold Star Awards and since we are a certified member of the Better Business Bureau, there is no better company to trust with the conversion of 8mm to DVD than Just 8mm.

When Just 8mm prepares a quote for the conversion of 8mm to DVD, we will give a price per reel and as such, customers will not have to face hidden costs or price surprises and the price we quote to transfer 8mm to DVD will include the DVD, the DVD label, a hard case with an insert, and individual thumbnails and chapter titles for each 8mm reel. The cost for 3 inch reels or 50 feet is $7.50, and the 7 inch reels are quoted at $45.00. When the 8mm are converted to a DVD format, the DVDs are shipped to client using UPS. Over and above our pledge of excellence, Just 8mm will provide their clients with one of the fasted turnaround times of just 6 business days or less and throughout the entire conversion process of converting 8mm to DVD, Just 8mm will archive the transfer footage at no additional cost and as such, should the DVD be lost or damaged, we have the footage to make additional copies if needed.

To find out just how simple it is for Just 8mm to transfer your 8mm movie collection to DVD, feel free to visit the Just 8mm website, Do not keep you family's treasured memories buried, bring your memories back to life and let them be seen by future generations with the assistance of Just 8mm. Just 8mm's experience in the industry and since they have been responsible for transferring millions of reels of 8mm film has allowed them to become a well known player in the field. The Just 8mm website also holds a number of frequently asked questions, which provide answers to several questions, such as "how to measure reel size?" and "can I get my 8mm movies transferred to VHS or other formats?" Obtain all the answers you need via the Just 8mm website and let us convert you 8mm to DVD.