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 Have videotapes and not film reels? No problem! 

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Simple Process

8mm to DVD or Thumb Drive

Convert your 8mm and Super 8 movies to long-lasting DVD's or digital files!

It’s as easy as:

  1. Complete and print order form.
  2. Sort and label your movies.
  3. Package and ship your film.
  4. We aim to process and ship in about 7-14 business days.
  5. Enjoy your DVD's or digital files!

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Quality - We use the 8mm film transfer method giving the MOST ACCURATE replication of motion, color and clarity.
Experience - Since 2002, we have transferred over 79 MILLION feet of 8mm and Super 8 film.
Price - Our pricing is among the lowest in the industry and you pay for only what you actually have, unlike those "fill a box" companies.
Advanced - Unlike other companies, we sync magnetic and optical sound, offer 2K high definition transfers, and can handle moldy or damaged reels.
Speed - We aim to process and ship in about 7-14 business days
Backup - We archive all orders and access these files only at the request of the customer for additional copies in the future.
BBB Accredited - We are rated A+ and have been awarded 11 Gold Star Awards.


"Hello, I got my DVDs back and wanted to tell you how pleased I am with them. These films are almost 50 years old and were never stored properly as they should have been. I cannot believe how good they still looked. This film is footage of the first time the National Park Service decided to patrol the Colorado River at the bottom of Grand Canyon. I had recently been contact by the Grand Canyon Historical Association for information about my being part of that boat crew. When I told them that I had these films they became very excited. I told them I would have them transferred and bring them to my first interview with them. I believe they will be happy with them. I’ve got a lot of old family films that I’d like to have transferred. Just to let you know, I’ll be sending them to you for transfer. I’m a very satisfied customer. Thanks for the good work."

videotape to dvd

 Have videotapes and not film reels? No problem! 

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How much does it cost?

We offer prices which are simple to understand, all-inclusive, and among the lowest in the industry, starting at just $9.99 per reel. Using patented equipment, we are able to transfer 8mm to DVD or digital files with impeccable quality, resulting in a very high resolution picture which is free of flicker, hotspots, and halos, and it is evenly lit and focused. Learn More >

How long does it take?

We have a quick and efficient turnaround time of about 7-14 business days from the time we receive an order until we ship it back out. represents the best combination of value, quality, and service available for 8mm to DVD or 8mm to digital file transfers. Learn More >

What if I lose my new DVD or files? archives all of your 8mm film transfer footage for a minimum of 6 months at no extra charge, and this provides an extra layer of protection in case you lose or break your DVD, or just want additional copies or digital files later. You’ll have extra security and peace of mind, as you know your precious memories will be protected and preserved when you choose for your 8mm film transfers. For a nominal fee, you may also extend access to our private cloud storage to have permanent backup.