A 2K film transfer converts home movies to digital video with about two-thousand lines, pixels, or dots of information from side to side. Think of film transfer quality in terms of resolution: more pixels means more detail and a sharper image.

Video Quality and Display Resolution

Resolution has two dimensions -- horizontal and vertical -- and is often written out in the horizontal x vertical format (ex: 2048 x 1080). Common resolutions have nicknames based on how many horizontal pixels (ex: 2K is two-thousand) or vertical pixels (ex: 1080p) are displayed. Note that these numbers aren't always exact.

SD vs 2K Film Transfers

You have two options when we transfer your 8mm film to digital:

Standard Definition (SD) Film Conversion

  • 720 lines or pixels across by 480 lines or pixels from top to bottom (720 x 480)
  • More affordable, yet not as sharp as 2K
  • Not the same thing as 720p (1280 x 720), which is nicknamed for its vertical resolution and also known as High Definition (HD)

2K Film Transfers

  • Approximately two-thousand pixels across, or vertical lines
  • Two types: Cinema (2048 x 1080) and Computer Monitors (2560 x 1440)
  • Sharper than SD film transfers, but costs a bit more
  • Also known as Quad High Definition (QHD)

Whether SD or 2K, Preserve Your 8mm Films

Clients should not feel pressured to upgrade to 2K home movie transfers, as the difference in the viewing experience is often difficult to perceive with the naked eye. But we are proud to offer this high resolution conversion service to those who truly feel they need it.

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