Many people still have 8mm films of family events and special occasions even though video cameras are more common and a far more effective and safe way of storing those memories. Unfortunately, 8mm film does not have an unlimited shelf life, and many factors can contribute to the deterioration of your film. In order to properly preserve those memories, an 8mm converter service like Just 8mm can safely and efficiently transfer it to DVD.

No doubt you have discovered Just while looking for an 8mm film converter specialist that offers you a professional service to convert your film onto DVD. Our extensive experience makes us the top rated 8mm film converter specialists in the U.S. We have already converted millions of feet of film to DVDs for our clients, and the resulting product has a shelf life of decades.

It is sensible to use our 8mm film converter services as soon as possible, because you won’t know how long they are going to last. Excessive temperature changes, moisture, and mold growth can render the film unusable over time; since it does not cost a fortune to use our low cost 8mm film converter services, it’s a good idea to make the transfer while the film quality is still good. We are a professional company that does everything possible to save as much of your 8mm film footage that still has integrity, and you can have peace of mind when it is captured and stored onto DVDs that will play in almost any DVD player.

Many people have 8mm film stored in their basements with happy memories, and there are also some educational films, geographical events, and collector's item footage that should be converted as soon as possible to protect their images. Our 8mm film converter services can be used, and it is simple as following the ordering instructions we have on our website. Your 8mm film converter service is professionally done, and you can read some guidelines at the frequently asked questions links on our website to learn more about our vast capabilities. If you have a lot of film you would like to convert onto DVD, send us in a sample first if you like, so that you can have a look at the end result to get peace of mind of dealing with the best in this business.

Use the convenience of internet technology to apply for your 8mm film converter service, and have peace of mind that special film footage is saved forever on a quality DVD. With new technology, you can make as many copies as you wish afterwards and we also store one in our archives in case you need a copy in the future, if you should perhaps lose yours. Baby Boomers will no doubt have many 8mm films with their memories stored, and now you can use an 8mm film converter to save them before the film becomes damaged beyond repair. You can check our credentials before using our services to convert your precious 8mm footage, and have peace of mind of dealing with a reputable company dedicated to your complete satisfaction.