If you have a ton of 8mm movies, and are not quite sure what to do with them, why not consider converting the 8mm movies to DVD and let Just 8mm be the company of choice, to get the job done right. Just 8mm began converting 8mm movies to DVD in 2002 and during the past seven years, our company has transferred 18 million feet of 8mm and Super8 film to DVD and due to the fact that we are passionate about our work and because we go the extra mile to ensure that the task of transferring 8mm movies to DVD is done right, we have received six Gold Star Awards and due to the fact we are a member of the Better Business Bureau, who better to trust with the conversion process of your 8mm movies to DVD. In addition to our commitment to excellence, Just 8mm offers their clients as prompt turnaround time of just 6 business days or less and furthermore, during the process of converting 8mm movies to DVD, we will archive all your 8mm transfer footage, free of charge, which will afford our clients the assurance that in the event that the DVD is lost or damaged, we have additional copies of the footage if needed.

Thousands of American families have treasured memories on 8mm movies and often these wonderful memories lie hidden in a closet; however, when a conversion of 8mm movies to DVD is done, these memories can be brought back to life for future generations to enjoy. When Just 8mm quotes transferring 8mm movies to DVD, we offer a price by reel and in this way, there are no hidden costs and no surprises and the price we quote to transfer 8mm movies to DVD, includes the DVD, a label, the hard case with insert, as well as individual thumbnails and chapter tiles for all reels. The cost for 3 inch reels (or 50 feet) is $7.50, while the 7 inch reels are $45.00. Once the 8mm movies have been made into DVDs, the DVDs will be shipped to you via UPS.

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