The first step in the process of being able to convert Super8 to DVD is they backlight your Super8 film with a low-wattage diffused light source. Next, they use a specific patented device which performs like a magnifying glass. This process allows them to film the surface of the 8mm film, and the benefit of that for us is that means nothing comes between the film and the DVD video stream for the exception of clear glass, and because of this, you will get an exact replication of what is on your Super8 film without any distortion, hotspots, halos, screen texture, or focus "bleeds". Your Super8 will actually look better than it ever did when you originally watched it with a projector and screen, because the screen adds texture, and in turn will reduce resolution.

They will also remove the film gates on their equipment; so that you will see 10-15% more of the Super8 film image than you ever did on a projector, which is a great reason to convert Super8 to DVD. Each project that allows Just8mm to convert Super8 to DVD movie that they transfer will be a separate menu item on your DVD. They will also have a description of the title as well if you are able to provide them with one. With this feature you will be able to scroll down to a particular reel that you want to watch, or you will be able to start at the beginning and watch the entire film all the way through. The actual DVD will be delivered to you with a custom label bearing the title that you provided. It will then be packaged in a black plastic hard case with a labeled insert. They only use the best quality DVD's so expect to see the DVD bear the name of Maxell or Verbatim. What's more, is that they will keep a copy of all your films that you have them convert Super8 to DVD footage in an archive, so that you will be able to order more copies later on if you wish and also provides you with peace of mind just in case your disk or original Super8 reel every gets damaged.

All of this is included in their simple and all inclusive pricing. Call Just8mm today, and you can have them start the convert Super8 to DVD process in no time! Being able to convert Super8 to DVD has never been easier, thanks to Just8mm. Just8mm has the technology and experience to convert Super8 to DVD so that your precious memories are no longer a thing of the past. You will be able to revisit them as often as you like! Just8mm prides themselves on the incredible high quality of their Super8 film transfers. They are able to use patented equipment, which allows them to utilize a true telecine method to be able to convert Super8mm to DVD. While all of this sounds very confusing and complicated to you and me, Just8mm shows us that it really is a simple and safe process that will not damage your Super8 film and allow you to enjoy all your treasured moments for years to come!