Those old family movies are an irreplaceable part of your family's memories and as such should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. The only way you can safely preserve them is to transfer the 8mm film to a DVD that according to research will last in the neighborhood of 200 years or more without any noticeable loss of picture quality. Being able to look back in time at these old movies can help bring your family history back to life, especially those special occasions such as birthday parties and holidays like Christmas.

These films represent those precious moments in our lives that otherwise might be forgotten like our childrens' first steps or that one special family vacation where everyone had so much fun and it did not rain the whole time. It would be a shame to lose these precious memories to the damages wrought on your old films by time. The best way to preserve these memories is to transfer the 8mm film to DVD so that not only will it last practically forever, but you can slip it into the family DVD player and watch them over and over again without worrying about damaging them. Old family movies of your children may be wonderful way to remember your children when they were young.

On the other side of the coin they can be a great way to have a little fun with them as they begin to date and bring a boyfriend or girlfriend over to visit. You get the pleasure of embarrassing them as you show off your favorite moments in their childhood. If you transfer the 8mm film to DVD, you can accomplish this easily when you can just pop the DVD in and turn the television on. The old film is much like the tape you used to use in cassettes and 8 tracks, the more you used is it the more it stretched and worn out. If you played those old films often enough they soon started to look blurry and out of focus. While this may ruin your ability to watch the movies and enjoy them, however if you take to a company that specializes in being able to transfer 8mm film to DVD format you can enjoy them just like you did when they were new. In most cases the overall quality of the images on the film were fine the first time you got to watch them, but over time the film faded and you started to notice halo effects and maybe a break or to that was poorly spliced. Using the latest technology and their own patented equipment, Just 8mm can transfer the 8mm film to a DVD for you. While they are processing your film they will use their software to clean up the picture and restore to the condition it was in the day it was shot. In some cases they can edit the video quality to be better than it was originally by clearing up the picture.