While many of us have learned to use a camcorder to capture our family's special moments and preserve them for posterity, it was not always this easy. In the early days of home movies we had to use a movie camera that used 8mm or Super 8mm film to capture the action, in most cases you could only capture the picture as the cameras of the day did not have audio capabilities. The problem with this type of film is that is has a very short lifespan if not treated very carefully. You can transfer your Super 8 film to DVD and preserve it for future generations of your family to watch. Many of us took great pleasure it creating home movies of our family using a Super 8 movie camera, we made movies about our kids and their first birthday, their first steps and of course their first Christmas. In fact for many of us, any excuse at all was good enough to break out the movie camera and start shooting. However, this was only half the fun as we could not wait to show absolutely anybody our home movies.

The only problem with this is that it created a lot of wear on the film; now by transferring your Super 8 film to DVD you can save those old home movies for your kids and grandkids to see. The problem with any kind of celluloid film is that no matter how hard you try to preserve it, over time it will deteriorate until it becomes a grey blob of film that you can no longer use. If you view it a lot the overall quality begins to suffer as well, it gets scratched, stretched and in some cases halos and burned spots appear if the light is left on without the film moving. If you want to avoid these problems, you need to transfer your Super 8 film to DVD; the images that are stored on a DVD are expected to remain undiminished for upwards of 200 years. If your film has already been damaged or has started to deteriorate in quality, there is still hope for it. When the film is being processed to be turned into digital files, the use of highly sophisticated software can help to remove the scars of age and restore the damaged images back to their full glory.

In some cases the images can be enhanced to produce a much better picture than the original as the technicians work to turn your Super 8 film to a DVD format so that you can watch them on your television set. If you are thinking about having someone convert your Super 8 film to DVD you do not want to trust just anyone to take care of your irreplaceable family memories. At Just 8mm, you will find a team of dedicated specialists ready to handle your film with the utmost of care as they create digital files and clean up the images so that the DVD you receive will be of the highest possible quality. On top of this they will keep an archived copy just in case something should happen to your original DVD.