By having your 8mm film transferred to DVD just couldn't be easier with Just8mm. The only thing that you have to do is visit their website, fill out their simple order form and then just put your 8mm reels in the order that you want to see them on the DVD. Next write a number series on the reels with a Sharpie or other permanent marker. Say you want individual menu titles for each 8mm reel. No problem! You can either write them on the reel, or include a separate sheet showing each reel number and the title that you want. Just remember to keep your title to a limit of fifteen characters. Finally, you need to pack the 8mm film to DVD reels, don't forget to enclose the order form, and make sure that area safely secured in a sturdy box and send it on in.

In order to ensure the quick and safe delivery of your precious memories, it is highly recommend using either UPS or FedEx for your film to DVD transfers. Shipping with either of these companies allows you to be able to track your shipment via the internet. You're your shipment is received; they will complete your film to DVD transfer within approximately six business days. As soon as the film to DVD transfer process is complete, they will ship both your DVD and your original film reels back to you. They will charge your credit card account using the number you provided them on your order form, and then either UPS or FedEx will email you a tracking number for their return film to DVD shipment.

The pricing for the film to DVD transfer with Just8mm has never been better! The prices are all inclusive, and are very reasonable. Just8mm wants to make their film to DVD transfer pricing as simple as possible to understand. They don't believe in having a lengthy add-on packages or unnecessary confusion. They price their film to DVD transfers by the reel, and all of their prices include a the DVD as well as a custom label for you complete with a black plastic jewel case and an insert, as well as individual thumbnails and chapter titles for each reel. Their pricing for film to DVD also includes keeping a master of your film archived so they are able to make additional copies of your film to DVD transfer at a later date.