Do you remember all those old school 8 mm home movies that your parents used to drag out of the closet when you had family over s that they could relive "the good old days"? The biggest problem with these movies was not just that they could be long and boring, but that the more they were shown the worse the quality of the film became. This was pretty normal and despite this fact most people tried their best to wear the films out. Today you can convert your Super 8 to DVD format and have a virtually indestructible copy of your old home movies. While the Super 8 movie was the perfect medium for the generation that it was popular in, it was not designed to have a very long life span, which in turn means that all of those old home movies are now fading away to nothing even while they are sitting in a shoe box in the attic. Film degrades over time no matter how well it is stored and 8 mm film is very susceptible to this problem. Transferring your super 8 to DVD means that your old movies will be stored on medium that has no know expiration date.

Even if you stored the films in airtight containers and brought them out for use only on a rare occasion such as a family reunion, they will still fade out and disappear over time. On top of this, if you have ever had any experience using a Super 8 mm projector you know how easy it is to damage the film, between breaking the film and burning holes in it when the film is stopped without turning the light off film did not have much chance to stay intact. Transferring your collection of Super 8 to DVD takes care of all of these problems and lets you watch your movies on your television or computer screen.

One thing that you may have noticed on your Super 8 movie is that over time the quality of the images will have degraded and become hard to watch. When you have your old Super 8 to DVD conversion done , specialized software is used to clean up the images and restore them to a quality that is as good as if not better than they were on the day they were shot. In some cases blurs and under or over exposure can be corrected to produce a much higher quality image. If you are considering transferring your families precious collection of Super 8 to DVD, you should not trust them to just anybody as these are the only copies you have. At Just 8 mm, you will find skilled technicians that have been in business for several years and in the last year have processed over 4 million feet of film successfully. They use their own patented equipment to achieve outstanding results that are second to no one else's in the industry and offer a 4 to 6 day turnaround time on most projects.