1. Please complete the order form below for our videotape to DVD and digital transfer services. Please note that we do not share, sell, trade or rent personal information to third parties. Print two copies of the form if you would like one for your records. If you can't complete or print the form, you may provide the information requested on a typed or handwritten page.
  2. If desired, put your videotapes in chronological order, and write a number series on the videotapes, starting with #1 and ending with the last videotape.
  3. You can also write brief titles (max. 15 characters and spaces) on each videotape.
  4. Securely box both the videotapes and the order form requesting videotape transfer.
  5. Ship them to the following address (we highly recommend UPS or FedEx):
84 Needham Street
Suite 130
Newton, MA 02461